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The new Implantmed by W&H

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Introducd:The new Implantmed by W&H Attractive and powerful are two words that perfectly describe the new W&H Implantmed.


The new Implantmed by W&H Attractive and powerful are two words that perfectly describe the new W&H Implantmed. The new drive unit excels by virtue of its ease of operation, a powerful motor and a motorised thread cutter function. It offers safety and maximum precision for oral surgery in the fields of implantology and also microsurgery and small-bone surgery. The advantages in detail: Easy to use Work made easy: the new Implantmed has an intuitive operating concept. All programmes can be easily set up in just one user level, either with the supported blind operation with the foot control or by pressing the buttons on the unit. The displayed values can be modified by pressing the + and - buttons. The settings are clearly visible on the large display. The implantologist can concentrate on the essential factor: the patient. Powerful motor Even difficult procedures no longer demand great strength when using Implantmed. Implantmed is powerful enough for all operations with a motor torque of 5.5 Ncm and a motor speed range of 300 to 40,000 rpm. The automatic torque control for rotary instruments, which can be set between 5 and 70 Ncm, ensures that the instrument is safe. Fatigue-free operation The lightweight motor and the ergonomically shaped W&H contra-angle handpieces are perfectly balanced in the user hand. The advantage for the implantologist: ability to work for long periods without fatigue or the hand cramping. Automatic thread cutting function The integrated automatic thread cutting function supports the implantologist in placing implants in hard bone. Cutting a thread before screwing in the implant prevents excessive compression of the bone and promotes stress-free healing of the implant. The new Implantmed features tried and tested Austrian-made W&H quality. Motor, cable and handpiece holder can all be thermally disinfected and sterilised, of course


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